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So Jet's thread on being debt free got me thinking. Is there any way to legitimately (i.e. legally) pay your student loans with tax free dollars when... Bill would let employers pay down student loan debt without tax headache. Matt Carter Posted November 2, 2015 • Tackling student loans Why are student loans not paid with pretax income? ... the educational expenses as well as a deduction for the full student loan payment ... you pay is pre-tax ... If passed, the Student Loan Repayment Assistance Act would allow employees to pay down student loan debt with pre-tax dollars when their employer makes a matching contribution. HR 1713 would limit the amount of such a deduction to ,000 in a taxable year and ,000 over a lifetime. I'm only three years out of school but the prospect of paying these things off is stifling. Also I am trying to save up to get married and re-enter school ... Here's when you'll start paying back your student loan, how much you'll pay, ... payments but is paid back through the tax system ... Repaying your student loan ... If there is a way to pay med school loans with pre-tax money, ... The 10k in student loans paid by the corporation is still a benefit paid by the corp for the employee.

The idea is to help employees build up their retirement savings while they pay off their student loans. “As student loan ... make student loan payment a focus of ... If you're facing a hefty student loan ... If congress passes a law making student loan forgiveness tax ... if you have not been able to pay off your student loans ...

Student loan repayments made to you are tax free if you ... You can't deduct the interest you paid on a student loan to the extent payments were made through your ...


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